Music Lives Here!

Graphic of a person with a guitar with the text Hamilton
a black and white photo of a street corner and one of the building having the sign copper johns entertainment
Everyone has a story. Hamilton is home to a vibrant music scene with a variety of artists, venues and events.  We hope you will share your music story with us.
Hamilton’s local music scene is growing, dynamic and diverse and builds on a long and established music history. As part of the City of Hamilton’s Music Strategy and in alignment with the Culture Plan, residents are invited to share their music stories.
Whether you are a musician, work in the music industry, or are a music fan, we invite you to share your stories of experiencing live music in Hamilton. Stories are encouraged that describe how impactful a live music experience can be and the different ways live music can be experienced. For example, your story may describe a memorable concert, street performance, a professional concert, the band at your local bar, jamming in your kitchen, or the choir at your church.
Interested in sharing your story with us?  Complete an online expression of interest.
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